Walters Truck & Trailer Repair Inc.   410 Triport Rd  Georgetown,KY40324   (502) 868-9422
Walters Truck & Trailer Repair Inc.
410 Triport Rd
GeorgetownKY 40324
 (502) 868-9422

Reviews Of Walters Truck & Trailer Repair Inc.

4.91 11 Reviews
Randy White
Feb 09, 2017

Great service, friendly people. They got my truck in overnight and replaced my radiator and had me rolling by morning just like they told me. They prepared a quote and the bill was actually cheaper than quoted. I would highly recommend Walters if you need service in the Lexington, Kentucky area.

alexandria vinyard
Feb 01, 2017

Polite and great service too. They very were helpful. And drop me at the hotel too. I will return for more repairs. Thanks Les.

jason hammac
Dec 30, 2016

Larry b
Oct 13, 2016

Had great experience and excellent service

Ken Dodd
Aug 09, 2016

I was in about 4 days ago to have some work done we set it up about a week ahead of time I pulled in and checked in with them and they where waiting on me. Dropped my trailer out back pulled right in and Bryan took over from there. Bryan and the night crew made sure I was taken care of even offered me lunch...they had me out and ready to roll in 4 hours with a fresh PM, Tractor /"Trailer Inspections and a set of shifter bushing.

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